Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our new blog!

This is our second family blog. Our first one is found at
A lot of our canning, farm related topics, gardening, etc are found there. I think that this blog will be spiritually related and also family and recipe related. Hopefully I will be consistent in keeping both up!


Ryan & Theresa Hulbert said...

Hi Kim,

I LOVED (and yes I am shouting) your new food storage blog. You are amazing and your knowledge is so helpful to everyone.

Theresa Hulbert

Chris Somdahl-Allen said...

Hi Kim,

I want to thank you for your blog, I am excited to get your new updates. Chris Allen

Nadine Jemmett said...

Hey, my name is Nadine Jemmett and I was talking to Rhonda Timmons and she said you also create a monthly "newsletter" regarding food storage and I wondered if the next time you do that if you could make me an extra copy. I am the
2nd counselor in Parma II ward. If you have a different email that you would rather I use, please let me know. Thanks, Nadine